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Brut Anti Persperant Original 200ml

Designed to give effective and long lasting deodorant protection, this spray has the fresh and distinctive fragrance of original Brut.

WARNING Extremely Flammable. Please read instructions carefully before use. Store out of reach and sight of children.

৳ 450.00 ৳ 350.00
Brut Sport Deodorant 200ml
  • Fresh and intense fragrance
  • Citrus top notes with bergamot, lemon, grapefruit and mandarin
  • Long lasting protection
৳ 450.00 ৳ 350.00
Charlie Rio Rebel Bodyspray 75ml
Impulse Vanilla Kiss Body Spray 75ml
Intu Body Spray Style 120ml
৳ 290.00 ৳ 210.00
Intu Gems Body Spray 120ml
৳ 290.00 ৳ 210.00
L’Oreal Men Expert Carbon Protect 48H Deodorant 250ml

L’Oreal Men Expert Carbon Protect Intense Ice Deodorant Spray gives 48 hours of extreme protection from not just sweat and odours but also from bacteria and yellow stains on your white clothes.

It is long-lasting, has a cool, fresh fragrance and micro-captors that rapidly absorb wetness, for maximum protection, comfort and confidence.

৳ 430.00
L’Oreal Men Expert Full Power 48H Deodorant 250ml
L’Oreal Men Expert Shirt Protect 48H Deodorant 150ml

1. Anti-sweat patch technology with an ultra absorbent Active Micro Captor to help combat wetness.
2. Anti-yellow stain technology that protects against the yellowing of clothes.
3. Anti-white mark technology that helps fight the appearance of white residue and white dust.
4. Anti-cardboard effect technology, formulated to avoid the deposits responsible for the stiffening of fabrics after washing, drying and ironing.

৳ 490.00 ৳ 450.00
L’oreal Men Expert Thermic Resist Antiperspirant Deodorant 250Ml
  • 48 hour antiperspirant
  • Designed to deliver sweat protection from heat rushes such as: physical activity, extreme temperatures and stressful situations
  • Clean cool fragrance
  • Formula tested at 45°C
৳ 430.00
Loreal Deodspray Longlasting Fresh 250Ml
  • Helps protect against 100% of types of deodorant marks: Sweat patches, yellow stains, white marks, cardboard effect
  • Long lasting fresh fragrance
  • Dermatologically tested
  • Anti-deposit formula
৳ 490.00 ৳ 430.00
Loreal Men Deodorant Spray Fresh 250Ml

Men Expert Fresh Extreme Deodorant

Innovation 48H non-stop dry
Anti-perspirant + anti-body odour with ultra absorbent Active Micro Captors to help combat wetness. Proven 48h* dry effect. Intense diffusion spray delivers active ingredients directly to the skin. No alcohol**.

*instrumental test
**no ethyl alcohol

Pack Size: 250ml

  • Sweat captor technology
  • Ice cool effect
  • No alcohol
  • Tested under dermatological control
৳ 490.00 ৳ 430.00
Men Expert Cool Power 250Ml

1. Long-lasting reactivating freshness
2. Combats bad odours and controls perspiration
3. Anti-wetness micro-captors for dry non-stop protection
4. Ultra-fresh woody-mint fragrance.

৳ 490.00 ৳ 430.00
NIVEA MEN Cool Kick 150ml
৳ 390.00 ৳ 290.00
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